Queen Bees

Queen Bees


Northumberland Honey Company offer a range of selectively bred, instrumentally inseminated queens or naturally mated queens which are available from May through to September 2017.

For a lower cost alternative we also offer unmated, virgin queens, which are selected daughters of our breeder queens

All queens are bred and mated in isolation in Northumberland.


Note: Bees are VAT exempt


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Northumberland Bred & Mated Queen 2017 - By 1pm Special Delivery Included

£38.00 *
In stock

Instrumentally Inseminated Queen 2017 - FREE DELIVERY

£85.00 *
In stock

Northumberland Bred & Mated Queen 2017 - By Royal Mail 1st Class

£35.00 *
In stock
Prices incl. VAT where applicable, plus delivery